Vs App Prototype

Vs is the app for street soccer players. Allowing them to find and join matches on nearby courts, or challenge teams in team matches.

I helped design the entire UX from end to end, for the initial prototype.


Zendesk Knowledge Management

At Zendesk, my main focus was designing the all-new recreation of the management system for articles.

Challenges included translation systems, editorial workflows, revisions and versioning, multi-channel publishing, and much more.


Billy's Billing online accounting software

How do you make something as complex (and boring) as accounting not just possible, but even enjoyable, for small business owners with no accounting experience?

That was my main challenge working with Billy's Billings.


I've also done some not-work. These are examples of some of that.


I've photographed things. Mountains for example. And a street musician.


I've launched a Kickstarter-campaign. It failed.