Jonas Kelstrup

Right. The name is kinda already established. But okay. Age? 30 at the moment. But that might change over time.

Hah. Hah. Funny. Occupation? Self-employed User Experience & Product Design Consultant. But if you're self-employed, why didn't you come up with a shorter title? Well... I guess I could have... But.. You know, this just seem to portray it quite well. I guess. But you are aware that nobody knows what "User Experience" actually means? And don't get me started on "Product Design". It's not even real products you design. It's just software. Okay, fine. How about, I'm a Software Experience Designer. Hey, that actually sounds kinda cool... This reminds me of an xkcd.

Where do you reside? After 5 years in Copenhagen, I've returned to my hometown Aarhus, Denmark. On purpose? Yes, on purpose. But isn't Aarhus, like, small? Well, yeah... So? Why are you like this?